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The cross is of course, a symbol of the Church. The meaning is that if a Jewish person's Jewish religion is forbidden, they can use it as the symbol of the Church. The cross could be used to represent the Church at all times or not at all. It could also be used as one of many religious symbols. For example, if a Jew holds the cross, he is to represent the Orthodox Church. (Ibid. 391) The cross on the reverse neck reads The Orthodox Church is God's kingdom and Lord of the Worlds. The picture, also in the book itself, is of a young woman being shown what appeared before her, before she was born. Notice that the woman in red clothing has some kind of cross on her neck, she has a red cross and a red cross. Notice also that the woman with her red ribbon wears it. The red ribbon (which is the cross) was seen at a Jewish synagogue on a Sunday in September of 2001. Some Jewish officials of the United States, who were members of the New York Council for the Doctrine of the Faith believed that this was not a Christian symbol.