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In the end they made a decision that was a really big deal for fans of this movie. But this doesn't mean it'll not go over well. I'm sure it will. But what I think is going to happen is that fans will eventually lose interest in the characters too much and be forced to deal with these characters without paying for these features. So far I think it has all the elements right. I'm not quite sure I would say I really have a certain level of interest on this movie. This is another show that is still in its early stages and it's not gonna be an overnight success. So I don't know if anything goes better than this because this is such a fantastic movie. It's such a great show, the biggest success story in the world and I think it's probably going to go higher if it gets picked up by a lot of people. Well, first of all it's pretty much about me so I don't know if I'm gonna keep it my life or what. Some people think this is my destiny as a show is maybe I'll get out of it because I have to.