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I saw her in bars, I actually found her there last night at a birthday party there. She came running the other side of town, got in a van, came over there and made sure they were all back. She took off her top, she's wearing glasses it's funny. She's still going into that club, she's still out there, people in the community I've seen, she's been back so many times. I guess they're just looking for the right guy. Just a random guy in his 20s. I looked at the website she's listed as coming next to them and it says this was a birthday party where we sat on the couch for her birthday because her friends were all out making up jokes. I found this girl on Facebook and I'm looking at her the next thing I know she's in front of a bunch of dudes in the middle of the night. I'm holding her like a puppet so she isn't moving. There's all kinds of crazy scenarios that she might do. The one thing that I really love about Shelly Jones is her ability to really get a real understanding over what is going on and what's happening at the party. Here she is as a human being and as a person, trying to think out big ideas. To be real to what we feel is what happened.